Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan


IKA PKn UPI is a forum that brings together alumni of BP-CED S1, S2 and S3 UPI Bandung. This forum aims to build friendships with fellow alumni as well as build networks to improve the professionalism of alumni, most of whom are lecturers and teachers. The existence of this container becomes important in the midst of globalization. Through this forum, it is hoped that friendship will be realized between alumni who are spread throughout the country and even abroad because there are some BP-CED alumni who are now working abroad. In addition, the IKA PKn UPI forum can also bridge between PKn alumni themselves and the BP-CED.

There are several objectives of this forum:

  1. To grow and increase the sense of loyalty among alumni from various generations.
  2. Gathering the potential of BP-CED alumni to participate in efforts to educate the nation’s life.
  3. Fostering synergy and cooperation among BP-CED alumni.
  4. Help and encourage the younger siblings of BP-CED students towards a better future.
  5. Build networks to improve the welfare of BP-CED alumni.