Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

Civic Hukum Student Organitation

Civic Hukum Student Organization, which was later abbreviated as HMCH, is one of the oldest associations at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, its members are limited to students who are officially registered as students of the BP-CED, which have passed the regeneration process. Based on the AD and ART of HMCH, this association has been established since November 10, 1954, this indicates that HMCH, until now, is still consistent in producing quality cadres, which aims to fill the independence of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

HMCH is a regeneration organization, the focus of which is to produce useful cadres for the homeland, nation and religion, referring to the objectives of HMCH in the AD and ART of HMCH, fostering and developing the potential of all students of the Civics Department of FPIPS UPI, as human beings who believe and are devoted God Almighty, virtuous, hard working, personable, upholding commitment, independent, visionary, tough, intelligent, critical thinking, creative, skilled, disciplined, professional, responsible, and physically and mentally healthy. 

Looking at HMCH’s goals philosophically and comprehensively, of course that goal is very noble, like the concept of a complete human being, if in Indonesia we are known as Pancasila human beings, but we also realize that no human is perfect, perfection only belongs to God Almighty, this is where we must we realize, because HMCH is a regeneration organization as well as a struggle organization, every member of HMCH must have experienced a process and dynamics, that is what brings HMCH members closer to the characteristics that are in the goals of HMCH, these are mutually sustainable, where the goal is noble surely the process we experience will never betray.

HMCH as one of the pioneers of the organization at UPI certainly has a symbol as an identity and also as the pride of its members, and the symbol has a philosophical meaning, as the spirit given to members to carry out the wheels of their organization.


  1. Ketua Umum : Muhamad Pebriansah
  2. Wakil Ketua Umum : Diexy Inkha Pradana
  3. Sekretaris Umum I : Fakhrul Kurniawan
  4. Sekretaris Umum II : Maria Jumi Lahaselia
  5. Bendahara Umum I : Renita Wildy Hernanda 
  6. Bendahara Umum II : Vinna Nur Fitri
  7. Ketua Bidang Pengembangan sumber Daya Organisasi: Aditya Perdana Saputra
  8. Ketua Bidang Pendidikan : Adrian Arif Nugraha
  9. Ketua Bidang Kerohanian : Hari Nugraha Saputra
  10. Ketua Bidang Minat dan bakat : Wafa Nur Azizah
  11. Ketua Bidang Sosial Kemsyarakatan: Rizwan Firmansyah
  12. Ketua Bidang Komunikasi dan Informasi: Nendi Saefuloh
  13. Ketua Adat MAPACH : Arya Destian
  14. Komandan CHMC : Reza Ananta
  15. Kapten CHSS : Muhammad Solihin A
  16. Direktur UPP : Fakhrul Kurniawan