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Isola Old Times

Civic Education Department is one of the oldest departments at UPI (Indonesia University of Education), which was born on November 10, 1954 based on the Decree (SK) of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 35742 dated September 1, 1954.  November 10 is known as ‘Heroes Day’ in Indonesia. That is the reason November 10 is determined as Civic Education Department Anniversary date. According to the elders of the department, one of the fundamental considerations for setting the date is to foster a spirit of nationalism as an integral part of the mission of this department. Until today, Civic Education Department already has thousands of alumni spread all over Indonesia. Most of them devote themselves as educators such as teachers and lecturers, both public and private as well as other educational personnel. Apart from being teaching staff, there are also many alumni who take part in various government agencies, both central and regional. This shows that the alumni of the Civic Education Department are very competitive with the tight climate of competition in the jobs field.

Since this department was created until now, the leadership of the department has undergone dynamic and democratic changes so that it has led this department to continue to exist and has been tested and proven to make a significant contribution in creating and giving birth to a reliable and quality future generation.  Here are the following names of department leaders from time to time:

No Periode Head of department Secretary
1 1954-1958 Mr.Suwardi Wikantaatmadja Mr. Bushar Muhammad
2 1958- Mr. Bushar Muhammad Muh. Nu’man Somantri, M.Sc.
3   Mr. Bushar Muhammad TA. Fabil & Timbul Dinata Marpaung
4   Muchsin, SH. Drs. Dedih Suwardi
5   Drs. A. Kosasih Djahiri Drs. A. Fabil
6   Drs. A. Kosasih Djahiri Dra. Nurseha
7   Drs. Dedih Suwardi Drs. Yustuarisa
8   Muchsin, SH. Drs. Djaenudin Harun
9   Drs. A. Kosasih Djahiri Drs. Djaenudin Harun
10   Drs. Endang Sudatdja A. Dra. Lily Halimah
11   Drs. Kosasih Djahiri Dra. Lily Halimah
12   Drs. Djaenudin Harun, MS Drs. Mohamad Zen, M.Pd
13 1991-1994 Drs. Djaenudin Harun, MS Drs. Eddy Hidayat Sabana
14 1994-1996 Drs. Idrus Affandi, M.Pd. Drs. Aim Abdulkarim, M.Pd.
15 1996-1999 Prof. Drs. A. Kosasih Djahiri Dra. Lily Halimah, M.Pd.
16 1999-2003 Drs. Sapriya, M.Ed. Drs. Dadang Sundawa, M.Pd
17 2003-2007 Drs. Sapriya, M.Ed. Drs. Muhammad Halimi, M.Pd.
18 2007-2011 Drs. Rahmat, M.Si Syaifullah, S.Pd., M.Si
19 2011-2015 Prof. Dr. H. Sapriya, M.Ed Dr. Prayoga Bestari, M.Si.
20 2015-2019 Prof. Dr. H. Sapriya, M.Ed. Dr. Rahmat, M.Si
21 2019-2020 Prof. Dr. Dasim Budimansyah, M.Si Dr. Susan Fitriasari, M.Pd.