Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment of civic education students aims to select prospective new students who have adequate academic background, so that they can participate in learning in the civic education study program according to their competence.

General Terms
1. The selection participants are graduates of SMA/MA/SMK/Package C in 2020, 2019, or 2018.
2. Have a certificate of UTBK value 2020 (Computer-Based Writing Exam).
3. Have physical health that does not interfere with the smoothness of the learning process in the chosen study program.

Provisions for Registration
1. Applicants can choose 2 (two) study programs in the same group of interest fields.
2. Registration is done online on the website page
3. Registration is open from May 31 to July 2, 2021. The exam will be held on July 20 to 22, 2021 offline (present at the test location).
4. Money that has been deposited in the bank cannot be returned for any reason.
5. Each registrant is only given one opportunity to register online.
6. Participants fill out the Statement of Willingness to Pay Tuition Fees and upload it to the Selection registration process.