Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

Tracer Study

Tracer Study is one of the methods used by several universities, especially in Indonesia to obtain feedback from alumni. The feedback obtained from alumni is needed by universities in their efforts to improve and develop the quality and education system. This feedback can also be useful for universities to map the world of business and industry so that the gap between the competencies obtained by alumni during college and the demands of the world of work can be minimized. In practice, the Tracer Study should be carried out by an institution that bridges between universities and the business and industrial world. Tracer Study needs to be carried out in an institutionalized, structured manner and with the right methodology in order to obtain measurable, accurate and comparable results.

In Indonesia, the implementation of the Tracer Study is generally still constrained in terms of needs, resources and methodology in its implementation. Often tracer studies are carried out by universities only because of the need for accreditation, so that their implementation is not carried out routinely. In addition, the Tracer Study implementing resources are generally still considered inadequate and this is accompanied by difficulties in applying the right methodology in its implementation.

More details can be seen in the 2020 UPI tracer studies report at the following link

Tracer Study UPI 2021. Please fill in the UPI Tracer Study questionnaire with your current situation by entering your PIN in the form of your NIM during college. Click below.

BP-CED Tracer Study Result before 2021

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Job Status After Graduation from BP-CED
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